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We all have endless decisions to make as we grow our business, our teams and ourselves - but how do we sift out the distractions from the real opportunities?  Gaining clarity on our long-term vision gives us that filter so we can make our future happen instead of letting it happen to us.

Lois Weinblatt works with Visionary leaders in the United States, Europe, Australia and India, helping them determine their destination and chart their course. Spend a day with Lois and fellow Visionaries diving into where you’ve come from, where you are and where you’re going.  Walk out with new clarity on where you're going and a plan to start getting there in the next 90 days.

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We're all faced with endless decisions as we grow our businesses, our teams and ourselves - but how do we sift out the distractions from the real opportunities?  Gaining clarity gives us that filter so we can close the gap between where we are and where we want to be, ensuring we make our future happen instead of letting it happen to us.

Lois Weinblatt works with Visionary leaders in the United States, Europe, Australia and India, helping them determine their destination and chart their course. Spend a day with Lois and fellow Visionaries diving into where you’ve come from, where you are and where you’re going.  Walk out with new clarity on what success looks like for you and a plan to start making it happen in the next 90 days.

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"WHAT'S THE VISION?”  For Lois Weinblatt, that question is the universal starting point.  Whether it’s a strategic plan, new product line, sales initiative or training program, she helps clients determine their destination before charting their course. She specializes in Deep-Dive Visioning, a process she designed to help organizations close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Through her workshops, Lois creates an open environment for Visionaries to explore their greatest opportunities and most pressing issues, supporting and challenging them through an empowering and transformative experience. 

Lois has worked with companies to define success and evolve to attain it in the United States, Spain, Australia and India. The constant thread has been visioning, from guiding clients through the process to following it rigorously herself.  Now based in Birmingham, Alabama, she works with organizations and entrepreneurs around the world to craft their vision and create their future.  With a degree in Journalism from Boston University, Lois is a published writer and utilizes that skill set to help her clients craft powerful visions of success that are both inspiring and strategically sound. She draws on her background in management, operations, training, sales and customer retention and focuses on drawing out the best in her clients.

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  • Lois was asked to kick off the 2016 BNI Global Convention as keynote speaker, and shared her expertise on leading with Vision with the attendees from all around the world
  • Both BNI Global Headquarters and BNI India have brought Lois in to guide their top Executive Directors through her full day Visioning and Strategic Planning workshop
  • Searce, an Indian-based cloud & analytics company which has been named one of the fastest growing companies on the Inc. 5000 list, brought Lois to their Headquarters to guide 35 members of their team through a company-focused Visioning and planning process that engaged people from all management levels and departments

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“We were able to share things we had long been wanting to share with the team through the process and now that we’re all aligned it will help infuse more positivity throughout the organization” 
- Hardik Parekh, Chief Executive Officer of Searce

“This was the right forum for us to have a very open discussion with our whole team on where we see the organization going.  We hadbeen trying to figure out how to communicate our targets and goals and get everyone on the same page through various meetings and sessions, and with this one day process it just automatically fell into place.”
- Pravin Borade, Senior Vice President of Searce

Visioning with Lois was they key to unlocking my mind. I highly recommend this process because it will free you from the chains that are holding you back from your potential. Once you see clearly where you are going, not much can keep you from getting there.

— Joe Thomas, Partner at Capstone Financial

The visioning process was a soul-baring activity that left me thrilled. At the end you have an amazing vision of the future and concrete steps for getting there. Lois knows the questions to ask to reveal what’s important to you both personally and professionally. She was able to identify my values and goals and craft a vision that was dead on and written using my own words. I feel more focused and, in turn, more productive. Thanks for allowing me take the journey.

— Elizabeth Ritter, Owner of Ritter Law Firm

Before going through the visioning process, I could tell you how much of this and how many of that I wanted in my life but I could never create a full picture. Now we all have a clear vision of where we are going. Having a professionally written document has helped me communicate with my team and show them what is in it for them. They love having clear direction and I love having an easy way of sharing it with them. I would recommend this to everyone.

— Meaghan Chitwood, Director of Global Operations, BNI

Lois is excellent at what she does. She knows how to drill into your past accomplishments, look at your current desires and ambitions, and help pull all those things together to create a complete vision and roadmap for your life moving forward. It was an excellent process that helped me clarify my future goals.

— DeWayne Pope, Founder of UpHub

I absolutely loved this experience. It has really helped me grow professionally by forcing me to take a look at where I wanted our program to go and mapping out the steps to get there. My staff can see the difference in me and I can see the difference in my staff. The visioning experience was deeply personal, almost cathartic. I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders just by putting my vision out there.

— Barbara Traweek, Director of the Early Childhood Learning Center at the Levite Jewish Community Center

Lois was easy to work and every part of her process has a purpose that builds to the final product. She challenged me step out of my comfort zone and talk about my vision and dreams for my company and myself. And now, for the first time in two years I am excited about owning my business and my future again.

— Jeff McDowell, Owner of McDowell Security Services

I knew what I wanted but without having Lois guide me through this process as neutral third party, there is no way I could have ever put it all together coherently. Beyond that, we worked backwards from my vision to create specific, realistic, measurable, and timely goals.

— Troxell Pautler, Glenwood Autism & Behavioral Health Center

I have talked with many different companies and Lois was the first to give me a play by play. She helped in so many different ways and I can never thank her enough. I am moving forward and feeling more confident with the future of my company. A good friend of mine told me that the best thing I could do was to ask Lois for help, and he was right. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— Keely Brown, Chief Operations Officer at Home & Commercial Services

The visioning process with Lois has been incredibly freeing. I now have a clear path to follow to reach my goals. I love that I also have Lois to guide me along the way to make sure that I stay the course. So happy that I took the plunge!

— Polly Brothers, Regional Vice President with Arbonne International

For many years I have known my purpose in life but just didn’t know how to verbalize and structure it into a workable plan for my life. With ease and confidence, Lois was able to draw out the vision and walk me through the process of determining how to bring the vision to pass. Lois’ system is very effective and challenges you to dig deeper to be the best you that you can be. I highly recommend True North for anyone wanting to start walking in purpose and live out their true destiny.

— Marcella Roberts, Esq., Principal at M. Roberts & Associates